We believe that education is key to poverty alleviation. It levels the playing field, unlocks potential and breaks the vicious cycle of poverty. Thus we support poor students and their families acquire literacy and numeracy, attain qualifications, and skills for meaningful livelihood and employment. We provide Christian values formation support to students and their parents.

Education Sponsorship Program (ESP)

We provide financial support for tuition and school fees of primary, secondary and university students, including for school uniform, books, transportation allowance, and other expenses


Technical and Vocational Education and Training

We help out-of-school youth and adults acquire vocational and technical skills needed for immediate gainful employment . The short courses target the skills needs of local employers.


ANCOP Cornerstone Program

We provide tutoring, mentoring, and leadership training to students. We target academically struggling students and provide formation support to students and parents.


Feature story

The Holy Rosary Catholic Early Learning and Adult Literacy School in Markham Village, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea

CFC ANCOP Australia provided financial assistance to the local CFC Handmaids of the Lord to establish a much needed early learning and adult literacy school in this remote village. Delma Dumas tells the story of how and why she started this school and the amazing help she received. Read more about her story. The video below presents the highlights of the recent inauguration of the school. From makeshift structures to concrete and steel building, the school is indeed proof of God's loving provisions to those who are determined to help the poor.