Cornerstone Program

What is ANCOP Cornerstone?

Cornerstone is ANCOP’s partnership program for education. It reaches out to academically struggling students and provides formation support to students and parents.

It has two levels, one for Elementary and one for High School.

The Elementary Program reaches out to slow readers in elementary children in public schools through Reading Tutorials and Values Formation.

The High School Program targets High School leaders through Christian leadership and Values Formation. Family support is provided through Parenting Formation. The Cornerstone Program is consistent with the core mission of CFC to bring Christ’s transforming love to families and the poor.

The tutorials, values formation and feeding activities for elementary schoolers target those who lag academically, with focus on the reading and learning needs of Grades 2 and 3 pupils. The tutorials and other activities are held mostly on weekends and run by volunteers coming from the CFC community.

The High School Leadership and Values Formation, on the other hand, caters to the top 30 students of public high schools. Aside from topics on leadership, students attend sessions on issues that affects their lives as teenagers. Students also gain a support system from Youth for Christ (YFC) and CFC members.

As a partnership program, the work of Cornerstone involves other partners who work towards the same mission of providing complementary services to public schools through programs that mentor students, empower teachers, provide free school supplies, scholarships, preventative dental and health programs, feeding program, and improvement of certain school facilities like the Brigada Eskwela and other “School Build” initiatives.

What support has ANCOP Australia provided to the Cornerstone program?

In the Philippines’ school year 2017-2018, ANCOP’s Cornerstone was present in 215 partner schools. CFC ANCOP Australia funded five of these schools: four in Luzon and one in Mindanao. The schools are the:

  1. Francisco Mendoza Elementary School in Bulacan;

  2. Wawa Elementary School in Rizal;

  3. Kabisig Elementary School in Metro Manila;

  4. Nagkakaisang Nayon Elementary School in Metro Manila; and the

  5. PN Roa Elementary School in Misamis Oriental in Mindanao.