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ANCOP Car raffle celebrates win for families
It was a perfect day to celebrate! 3 pm, 11 November 2017 @ Auburn Picnic Garden. As customary, the car raffle draw was held to top off Couples for Christ Global Mission’s (CFC) Family Day. Kids wrestled their energies in the jumping castle while parents were decorating the pavilion with buntings and photo booth corners.  The ‘Kuyas’ and ‘Ates’ (older male and female siblings) were organising...
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ANCOP and Forexworld: Delivering love and hope to Filipino families
"Go out there and do your best and know that there are people out in the world who really care about and love you and hope that you become successful through the program (of ANCOP); grab the opportunity with both hands, work hard, and stay positive.” This is the message of Enrique Campos Jr., Director of Forexworld Australia, to the beneficiaries of CFC ANCOP Australia. ...
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Toyota Chatswood gets behind ANCOP Australia
Toyota Chatswood and CFC ANCOP Australia renew their partnership to raise funds to help poor families in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Island. For the second time running, Toyota Chatswood is providing the grand prize of a new Corolla Ascent Sport for the biennial car raffle fund raising activity of ANCOP. Chatswood and Ryde Toyota Managing Director, Ian Mayer, commended ANCOP for the...

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Child Education Sponsorship

Building hope through education and empowering families to break the cycle of poverty...


Community Development

From families to communities.  Servant Leadership, Values formation, Immersion Programs are among the elements that builds the ANCOP Community…

Calamity Relief

Courage, Justice, Temperance, Compassion are vital in rebuilding people's lives.  We want to be there when sharing and caring matters the most...


ANCOP Australia, currently have 303 scholars in the Philippines, 150 in Papua New guinea, 60 in solomon Island...


Buiding Hope Through Education


Thousands of children and their families have been given the opportunity to uplift their life chances through the collaborative efforts of the global ANCOP community.

A life of extreme poverty usually ties in with health problems, illiteracy- almost zero job opportunities and petty crimes. ANCOP’s holistic Education Programs and Community Developments opened the door to a brighter, healthier and safer future- not only for the child, but for the also for the family and the local populace. ANCOP Scholars are small pebbles that creates ripples of hope through the muddy swamps of extreme poverty.