Other Initiatives

Literacy and early learning school in a remote village in PNG

CFC ANCOP Australia is providing financial support to the construction and maintenance of an adult literacy and early learning school in Markham, a remote village situated near Lae, Morobe Province in Papua New Guinea. The project was initiated by the local CFC Handmaids of the Lord of Lae, headed by Delma Dumas. From humble beginnings in 2018 when the school operated from a makeshift nipa structure, the school is now housed in a concrete structure, and has an enrollment of 430 students.

Multipurpose building for livelihood and community programs in 
Markham Village

Multipurpose building for livelihood and community programs in Markham Village

ANCOP Australia is providing financial assistance to the ongoing construction of a multipurpose building in Markham Village near the Markham School (Papua New Guinea) and adjacent to the Catholic church which is also being built in the area. This centre is for the use of Markham village residents for livelihood training programs and other community activities.

Safe haven for Vanuatu's youth

CFC ANCOP Australia is funding the construction of a new building that will replace the Natapoa Old Mission House at the Anambrou Area, Port Vila in Vanuatu. The new building will serve as a quiet, well-equipped place where the youth of Port Vila-- young women in particular-- can study safely. Youth development programs will also be run from this place

Community Hall for Literacy Classes in Kwalakessi Village

Residents of Kwalakessi Village in a town called Hoskins in West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea, struggle to afford education. There are no schools close to the village. ANCOP Australia comes to their help.

Sitio Pulong Mindanao assistance- Let there be light!

CFC ANCOP Australia is funding the replacement of the existing roof structure at the Pulong Mindanao School Activity Centre in Laguna Province, Philippines. This will enable the installation of the solar panels which ANCOP Australia also donated earlier this year.

Read more about Pulong Mindanao-- an adopted community of CFC ANCOP-- and the help that ANCOP Australia is providing.

Sharings from the ANCOP Immersion Trip

"We were also wary, warning ourselves that as we enter into an encounter, we are entering a “holy ground”, every person that we would meet is a brother and a sister, worthy of respect and dignity, worthy to come back home to, that we should “take off our sandals” first if through them, we wish to see the face of God. " Be inspired by the stories of those who, by the grace of our Lord, had the chance to join an ANCOP immersion trip to the Philippines in 2019, before Covid interrupted our travels.