Community Hall for Literacy Classes in Kwalakessi Village

Residents of Kwalakessi Village in a town called Hoskins in West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea, struggle to afford education. There are no schools close to the village. The nearest ones are miles and miles away, are overcrowded, and have limited places available for the Kwalakessi children. Hence the villagers, children and adult alike, cannot read or write. Not surprisingly, unemployment in the area is high. To address their need for basic literacy and numeracy, CFC ANCOP Australia is helping finance the construction of a community hall.

The main intended use for the building is to conduct literacy school for children and adults alike.

The initial plan is to hold early childhood curriculum classes three days a week and to get trained volunteer teachers, much similar with the Markham School (in Morobe Province) which was also funded by ANCOP Australia. They are also planning to conduct adult basic literacy and numeracy skills classes two days a week. The place has three CFC members who are qualified teachers and can help deliver the classes.

The building is expected to be completed at the end of 2021 and the literacy classes are planned to commence in February 2022.