Sharings from the ANCOP Immersion Trip

Building harmonious and sustainable communities is one of ANCOP's end goals. The communities ANCOP had built for poor families or victims of calamities in the Philippines are able to maintain close familial ties through values formation and servanthood by sweat equity. Sponsors and guests visit these relocation sites as part of regular immersion programs that ANCOP organises. During these immersion trips, the sponsors themselves labour towards the building of houses and other improvements in the village. Through the immersion program, there is mutual reciprocity of service love, respect and spiritual awakenings, as you can read from the newsletter below, or watch in the two videos below of the 2018 and 2019 immersion trips, respectively. Unfortunately, due to Covid, immersion trips are now suspended until it safe to hold them again.

What's Up ANCOP February 2019 edition


2018 Immersion trip (ANCOP YGAT)
2019 immersion trip (ANCOP Ambassadors)