Education Support Program

Why does ANCOP focus 
on education?

Every parent dreams of a better life for their children and provide them the opportunity to develop into responsible adults who understands the world they live in, able to socially interact without insecurities, grow in virtues and discover their passion and talents by which to become productive members of the society.

The realities of poverty not only could kill this dream but worse, when hopelessness drags parents to false sense of coping mechanisms, the whole family and the community suffer.

ANCOP offers hope by showing that caring and sharing still happens. It is clear however that we do not take over the parents’ primary responsibility of looking after the family but rather partnering with families as a source of support and encouragement.

What does the Education Sponsorship Program provide?

ESP provides financial support to allow a poor child or youth progress through school and gain educational qualification. The support comes in the form of paying for tuition and school fees (Primary, Secondary, Vocational, and University), school uniform, books, and transportation allowance. This is coupled with values formation for the beneficiaries and their families where they learn to appreciate the importance and impact of their scholarship in the various areas of their lives, deepen their relationship with God and become blessing for others.

Who are the target beneficiaries 
of ESP?

Our Education Sponsorship program is intended for the poorest of the poor. In the Philippines for example, the child must belong to a family with a combined income of at most $480/month (based on PhP37.50/A$1). Each family of at least two siblings can only be entitled to one sponsored child. If the financial circumstance of the family changes such that the parents become financially capable of fully supporting the education of the child, the ANCOP ESP support ceases. In terms of academic standing, the beneficiary must maintain an average mark of 78% across all subjects for Primary and Secondary, and 2.75 for Tertiary.

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