Meet Camille Glean, now employed as a teacher. She was a CFC ANCOP Australia scholar. On March 2019, she obtained a degree in Early Childhood Education from Philippine Normal University. She graduated cum laude.

Camille became an ANCOP scholar beginning her second year in college. That year was also the time she became a Youth for Christ (YFC) member.

“From there I learned that I need to trust God, His ways and His promises”, she said.

Coming from a single-parent family, Camille honours her mother, a public market vendor, who has sacrificed a lot for the family.

“My mother did everything for us, tried all the good possible ways to have income. She sells packed vegetables and salt. I still remember when I was in grade school during breaks, I would join my mother and sold salt and vegetables, and I always told myself that one day “I will make Mama’s life less miserable, that she won’t have to wake up at dawn to haggle for things to sell, and go home extremely exhausted with mud on her feet.

“I’ve always been thankful because my mom remained strong. She taught us to call on God always, and to be thankful, and to always have faith.

“That faith brought us to the ANCOP scholarship. That faith led me to persevere in my studies, to work really hard, to finish papers after papers, to read hundreds of pages of materials, to complete teaching instructional materials all day and night. There were times I cried and doubted my abilities. But my faith always brought me back. I myself didn’t think that I would graduate a Cum Laude, to rank 22nd in a batch of 760 graduates.

“My mom’s faith led her to become an active member of the CFC Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD) in February of this year. And this was such a blessing! Praise God because I got hired as a teacher in a school owned by a sister in CFC HOLD-- the Mulberry Hills Preparatory School in Manila.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to ANCOP, for their big part in helping me secure an educational qualification. Thank you for supporting me and believing in me. I hope that you’ll continue bringing hope to us youth, making poor people’s dreams come true.

"To my ANCOP coordinators-- for being concerned with us scholars always, for being understanding of our needs, thank you for your trust in us. To my best friend, Tin, thank you for bringing me closer to God and for being a true friend in this community.

"To my co-ANCOP scholars, congrats! We did it by God’s grace. There is so much more for us to explore and experience, but the most important thing is to enjoy every step of our way, and be humble and grateful all the time. I hope we’ll continue making our dear scholarship sponsors proud. May the fire of both serving God and following our passion burn the brightest. Let’s be inspiration to other people, keep shining and serving. God bless us all.