2022 ANCOP Australia Ambassador Campaign’s Fantastic Finish

CFC ANCOP Australia held an Appreciation Day in Melbourne on 6 August to honour the ANCOP ambassadors, volunteers, donors and supporters who made this year’s ANCOP Ambassador (AA) campaign a huge success.

The event was the culmination of months of hard work, dedication and tireless service by the 16 ANCOP Ambassadors who led their respective chapters in raising awareness and funds for ANCOP’s work with the poor. The AA campaign was able to raise more than $350,000 for ANCOP’s programs and beneficiaries in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

The ANCOP ambassadors and their area’s coordinators were recognised, with top honours going to:

  • Ashley Beley – Ambassador for Melbourne Southeast Chapter, who was proclaimed National ANCOP Ambassador 2022-23 for raising the most points from fundraising activities and donations received;
  • Philip and Ligaya Castillo – Ambassadors for Sydney Southeast Chapter, 2nd place; and
  • Leilani Sugay – Ambassador for Canberra Chapter, 3rd

Special awards were also presented to:

  • Joy Skerritt - Ambassador for NSW HOLD—who received the highest points from donations generated from outside of the CFC community.
  • Philip and Ligaya Castillo - Ambassadors for Sydney Southeast Chapter, who received the highest average points per number of households in their CFC area; and
  • the Estigoy Household of Raymond and Catherine Estigoy of the Sydney Southeast Chapter, for being the CFC household with the highest points from pledges received from household members and their network.

The Appreciation Day started by welcoming the ANCOP ambassadors and coordinators from every state and territory across Australia to a Volunteers Fellowship facilitated by Karen Vergara, ANCOP Australia Head of Communications. Volunteers had a field day meeting each other, sharing stories, and having fun in games and team building activities. They also renewed their oath of service as volunteers and received certificates of appreciation from ANCOP Australia President Goody Maquinad and ANCOP National Director Chris Carlile. After a fun-filled afternoon, everyone suited up and put on their best looks to prepare for the evening’s Gala Night in celebration of CFC Melbourne’s 31st Anniversary, ANCOP’s 20th Anniversary and the ANCOP Ambassador Proclamation where the awards listed above were given. It was a spectacular night organised by CFC Melbourne and saw over 400 attendees grace the event.

We thank and honour everyone for their support and generosity as we continue ANCOP’s mission of ‘Building the Church of the Poor’.