CFC Australia launches the 2024-25 ANCOP Ambassador Program


The ANCOP Ambassador (AA) Program is a biennial event that started in 2012 and is one of the fundraising activities unique to CFC ANCOP Australia. 

The program, sometimes referred to as the AA Event or the AA campaign,  takes place over a period of several months, beginning in March. During this time, representatives from each state/territory or CFC chapters take on the role of ANCOP ambassadors.  

Here are the 2024-25 ANCOP ambassadors as follows: 

  • Joan Quitoriano (Australia Capital Territory)
  • Josephine Huervana (FNQ - Far North QLD) 
  • Chinette Loyola (NSW Blacktown) 
  • Elma Villanueva (NSW Hawkesbury) 
  • Luisa Dimmock (NSW HOLD) 
  • John Nguyen  (NSW Sydney South East) 
  • Luz Maravillas (NSW Sydney South West) 
  • Lorraine Rafols (Northern Territory) 
  • ArneRoyce & Therese Karina Tiangson (South Australia) 
  • Michael Pagaduan (South QLD - Northside) 
  • Aedz Tolentino (South QLD - Southside) 
  • Aaron Joshua Castro (VIC North) 
  • Step de Guzman (VIC South West 1) 
  • Edo del Mundo (VIC South West 2) 
  • Erwin Charles Diesta (VIC Southeast) 
  • Regie Garces Gonzales (WA - Southwest)
  • Joy Intervencion (WA East and Regional)
  • Rymer Jumarang (WA FAMIN)
  • Sunbeam de Jesus (WA North)
  • Albert Quintana (WA South)


As ambassadors for ANCOP, they spread awareness of the work of ANCOP and foster among CFC members and the wider community ANCOP’s vision which is “Families in the Holy Spirit sharing God’s transforming love with the poor”. 

The ambassadors will rally their local CFC community and supporters outside of CFC to raise funds for the three main programs of ANCOP, namely the Education Sponsorship, Community Development, and Calamity and Disaster Response programs.  An ANCOP Ambassador Appeal Page in Gofundraise is now able to accept donations to ANCOP through the ambassadors' fundraising pages. Visit the Gofundraise ANCOP Ambassador Appeal homepage  to donate or to read more about the stories of the ambassadors.