2018-19AA Dr. Gemma Victorino-Perez

AA for Western Deanery

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Western Deanery

A blessed day to you brothers and sisters.
My name is Gemma Perez from Western Deanery Chapter, currently working as a General Practitioner. I have been married to my husband Roy for 22 months now, and I've never been happier.

For some time though, I’ve felt I needed to reconnect or rekindle my personal relationship with our Lord Jesus. I felt renewed and joyful after we graduated from the Christian Life Program, in August last year.  I wanted to do more, but didn’t quite know what to do. A couple of weeks before I was asked to be an ambassador, (during our Household meeting) we talked about being called by God, and how He always equips the person He has called to serve. At first I was reluctant to accept the call — because I felt I am not the right person for it. I prayed for discernment and I got my answer. This is it: this is the one I’ve been praying for.

This is God’s gift to me. And this is also my chance to give something back to God, and His underprivileged children — for all the blessings and graces He has given me and my family.

I’m hoping that with this opportunity, I will be able to return, even but a fraction of His love and kindness to others.

I chose to rekindle the gift.

It was offered and I accepted.

And now I will use and embrace this gift to thank, praise and glorify His name. To God be all the glory. 

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2016-17AA Milane Cawaling-Lungu

AA for Western Deanery, Sydney

Milane Cawaling-Lungu

"Lord, let me be your hand to share. Let me be your mouth to speak." 

I am Milane Cawaling-Lungu. My other half is Doru, an Aussie. Being a housewife, I find myself learning and doing some homemaking things to do like cooking, baking, gardening and sewing. Making fashion jewelries and cards has become a hobby too. When I came here in Australia I made it a point that I can do something for this beautiful country, not only to make myself busy but most of all to become a part of the community where I live. That was why, even as a tourist then, I started my volunteer job in the Fairfield council's nursery garden. I just stopped a few months ago though. I do Scripture teaching too, as they say, " A teacher will always be a teacher."

My husband and I joined the Couples for Christ in Fairfield unit last 2013. Our membership has enriched our marriage and helps Doru in his growth as a Catholic as well since he just had his Baptism in that same year. It also gives me support in my life here being new in this country. I would say, our CFC community has been an inspiration.


Working with the poor isn't new to me. Even before as a member of the parish youth group, I already shared myself in organizing and facilitating youth activities; going from chapel to chapel to raise funds so we could support our young people to join. I joined our choir to raise funds in building our church and teach Catechism in our nearby community. For 20 years I taught in the University of San Carlos high school department in Cebu City and doing some outreach activities or being with my students in their immersion with the poor families exposed me to the plight of the poor. But my visit to the public hospital and doing my personal outreach like giving food to the carers was my most touching experience. Now, I am still doing this every December, this time with Doru.

The charity arm of CFC , the ANCOP is such an admirable thing. My husband and I have always been supportive to its mission, I remember packing school supplies for the students last year, it was a heartwarming experience. Being chosen to serve as ambassador in our chapter is both an affirmation to my desire in making myself available to the poor and a challenge to pursue God'calling to be His hand and mouth, to share and to speak. When I was in high school, I was able to receive a scholarship grant from a foundation and in college, the government funded my education. I know how it is to be a receiver being a student then, now that I am called to help support the youth in their quest for education, I can't be happier than to give back what I received. This time , I am the giver. But, I can only do so much, I need you to be with me. Let us do this together, let us be one body with Christ. And let us do this now so when the time will come when God will ask us what we have done to the least of our brothers, we'll be ready to answer Him with a happy heart. To God be the glory.

(Milane Cawaling-Lungu  Ambassador for Western Deanery Chapter)

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