2018-19AA Ian Alcazar

AA for Melbourne VIC

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My name is Ian Alcazar, and I am the ANCOP Ambassador for Melbourne's North and South East for 2018-2020. I joined the CFC Community through one of its family ministry, Youth for Christ back in 2008; Today, I am now a member of the Singles for Christ.

Earlier this month, I lived with a family living in a resettlement village in Taysan, Albay built and supported by ANCOP Community Development Programme (CDP) for almost a week.

The villagers are full of life and love despite their very modest accommodation, a far cry from their old homes where the looming threat of eviction, sleeping without a roof over their heads or being swept by a calamity is a reality. It is in their village where hope and dreams are built through faith and a renewed sense of optimism; that they have a chance for a better future.

In this, I experienced how the help of charities like ANCOP can transform people lives.

It is easy to feel detached from the plights of the less fortunate especially when we are living in the comfort of a first world country. The recent trip reinforced the fact that they more than just number from the statistics we see. Each has their own stories, stories of hardship, resilience, inspiration, and happiness, that our help can really make a lasting positive impact on them.


With this, I am inspired to take on the role as an Ambassador - inspired to let the world know of their plights and what we can do to help them dream and achieve a better future.

Together, let’s help open the door to a brighter future for poor children and families.

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2018-19AA Kayen Dapar

AA for Melbourne - Southwest Chapter VIC

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My name is Kayen Dapar, and I’m the ANCOP ambassador for CFC Southwest Chapter in Melbourne.
I’m currently serving in Singles For Christ (SFC) Melbourne as a household head.

I accepted the challenge to be an ANCOP ambassador because I also came from very humble beginnings. I know exactly how it feels like to have nothing and been through countless of life’s hardships so that I can finish my studies. I was once a scholar provided by the Philippine government, and I must admit, without the scholarship program I may not be able to finish my degree on time. I am forever grateful for the tremendous opportunity given to me in order to pursue my dreams and aspirations in life.

My humble beginnings always remind me to appreciate even the little things that I have right now. With this, I want to pay it forward by spreading awareness about the works of CFC ANCOP; and to inspire more people to be a vessel of blessings from God.

I believe that education is not just a privilege of the few but a right to everyone.

I want the young dreamers out there especially ANCOP scholars to never give up their dreams and to keep the faith because nothing is impossible with God.

May God be praised!

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2016-17AA Patrice Penas

AA for Melbourne 

Patrice Penas

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring glad tidings to the poor.” Luke 4:18

My name is Patrice Penas and I am representing the CFC North and Southeast Units of Melbourne.

At the start of 2016 I was very blessed to have been able to take part in the experience that is the Youth For Christ Great Adventure Tour in the Philippines. The immersion part of the Great Adventure Tour involved living in the ANCOP village of Calape, Bohol, visiting primary and high schools that were part of the ANCOP Cornerstone program. The ANCOP immersion allowed me to witness His kindness and mercy through the striking generosity of the villagers. Stripped of life's comforts, it was also a blessing to witness His joy through the open happiness of the children and the students. Coming back from such a humbling experience, I am all the more inspired and excited to be able to be an instrument of the same loving joy, kindness and mercy through this ambassadorship. To carry out our mission to ANswer the Cry Of the Poor. To give back to the God that keeps on giving, to the God that gave us His everything.

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2016-17AA Anthony Marasigan

AA for Melbourne 

Anthony Marasigan

Mat 25:40 “ Amen I say to you, whatever you did for these least brothers of mine, you did for me”

Hi everyone, my name is Anthony Marasigan.

I'd just like to share why I said "yes" to being an ANCOP Ambassador. I recently went on a trip to Philippines and witnessed firsthand children suffering from extreme poverty and being forced to make a living in the streets everyday instead of having an education at school. I believe we are all here to be a catalyst for positive change and if we share our talents and resources we can make great changes to the lives of families in need. I firmly believe that we can make a difference, and with my acceptance of being an ANCOP Ambassador, I will do my utmost.

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