2018-19AA Erika Mae Lu

AA for Darwin NT

You can make a difference

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Hi, I am Erika Lu from Darwin, NT. I proudly serve in CFC - Singles for Christ. I came from a small, simple and loving family and was raised in the province of Albay, north of the Philippines. Just like you, I belong to a family filled with hopes and dreams. Australia was a blessing to us - it has given us so much opportunity to prepare for a better life and future.

This year, I am blessed and honoured to be an advocate of HOPE.

I do not come from a rich family, but one thing I will always be thankful for is my parent’s gift of EDUCATION. They always reminded me of the value of knowledge and how it will help me when I grow up. I am so excited to be the Northern Territory’s ANCOP (ANswering the Cry Of the Poor) Ambassador!

I recently celebrated my birthday in a special kind of way where my family and I organised a party in a remote area in my hometown, Albay. It was heart melting to see the look on the children’s faces when they saw Jollibee, a popular mascot for my favourite fast-food chain in the Philippines. Imagine innocent smiley faces turning into astonishment as they saw Jollibee was real! Their priceless reactions will always be in my heart.

It made me realise how my small gesture was BIG for them! That I made something REAL for them. It made me more grateful for all the friends I have, the people in the community I belong to and serve, all the inspirational people I have met, and everything that I have.

If you ask me the question, “What does the campaign mean to you, Erika?” I would answer by starting a quote from my favourite saint, St Therese of Calcutta: ‘Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.’ This campaign will not mean popularity or success for me. It means we can make a difference by helping them achieve their dreams today!

I believe in the reality of a good education, and I’m doing my best to finish my Bachelor’s Degree and do good works to glorify God while balancing all my other work and service commitments and family life. If you believe that yes, children are our future, please join me, and my fellow ANCOP Ambassadors as we raise funds for their education. Education will definitely equip and prepare our poor brothers and sisters to have better lives.
TODAY, please choose to make a DIFFERENCE.

No matter how small you give, you don’t know how BIG it can be for others. Let us begin today. Today, we will make a difference!
Let us all share our blessings to experience the joy of working together in love and service for the poor.

Thank you so much and God bless your generous and kind heart! 🙂


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2016-17AA Glo Vergara

AA for Darwin

Gloria Vergara

I can do things you cannot,  YOU can do things I cannot, TOGETHER, We can do great things..

My name is Glo Vergara, married to Rom Vergara for 15 years and together we are Ancop Coordinator and ambassador in NT. We attended CLP in 2012  in Katherine and our faith became stronger and inspired by everyone in the CFC community from Darwin. In 2013, Katherine YFC camp started and we accepted the challenges of being a youth coordinator. In November 2015 we moved to Darwin because of our work commitments. We now belong to the household of AGT in CFC Darwin             

Back in the Philippines, I belong to a big family with 5 siblings. We were poor in a big family with little resources. We experienced how hard life was but felt very fortunate and blessed at the same time, having a hardworking parent whose only thoughts were the good future of their children. I became a dentist in the Philippines.

My husband had the same experience having a bigger family with 9 siblings but also completed university and became an architect.

We knew and acknowledged all our blessings from above and we became open to any services we can provide. I left my private practice and worked as a school dentist in remote schools in Quezon province. I also joined in providing free dental services when there was medical mission. Rom on that time was also very active in our parish church.

We migrated to Australia in 2005 and restarted a new life with different jobs. After settling in we became fortunate and blessed again to study in line with our previous profession. Currently I am working as a dental hygienist at NDC Darwin and Rom a project manager in the building section in NT Government. We have two children, 14 y/o son and 10 y/o daughter.

We gave him our full trust and He never failed us. Therefore, whenever we are called, we just let Him lead us. We wanted to give back however small it is. As Mother Theresa of Calcutta said;

               I can do things you cannot

                              YOU can do things I cannot

                                             TOGETHER, We can do great things..

We accepted this ambassadorship task again to contribute small things and we are hoping we can do great things together for our disadvantaged families.

We believe and wanted to support one of the mission of CFC ANCOP Australia, “to provide education to the unfortunate or disadvantaged children”. We hope for them to feel how great our God is all the time, for them to see hope and trust God to the fullest.

Let us hold our hands together and fulfil this mission, make a difference and change the face of the earth.

Thank you and may God bless everyone always.

Rom and Glo Vergara

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