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Help us build a future full of HOPE!

How to Donate?

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Donation Instructions

  • Online Donations thru Paypal:
    Click on any of the Yellow ANCOP button below to donate.
  • Online Bank to Bank transfer
    via your bank website.
    (Pls USE reference codes-see ANCOP Bank details  below)
  • Manual Donation
    via Bank Teller thru your local branch.
    (Pls USE reference codes-see ANCOP Bank details  below)
  • Direct Debit
    from your Bank or Credit Card.
    1. DOWNLOAD the Pledge Form
    2. Fill it in
    3. Scan & Email it to
$360 = 1 Year of Primary or High School
$750 = 1 Year of Vocational College/University
The sponsorship package includes School fees, uniforms and shoes, school allowance and transportation. Our wholistic approach means that as we educate the child, the family, especially the parents also goes into values formation teachings - in order to fully support the child's needs.

Direct debit

from your Bank or Credit Card

2. Fill in the details.
3. Scan & Email it to


 Online Donations here

  Online Donations attracts Payment Gateway Fees that immediately reduces the value of your contribution. Please use the Paypal Fee Calculator (below right)to see your Net Donation. We thank you, and may you be blessed for your benevolent intentions.

CFC  ANCOP  Australia  Ltd.
Commonwealth  Bank  of  Australia
BSB:  062  121
Account  Number:  1069 2444

Please Use Reference Codes with your Bank Deposits

Reference Codes allows us to track and allocate your Donations.
Click here to view them

Bank Reference Codes

  • Child Education Sponsorship:
    CES01 + Initial + Lastname

    ex: CES01 JCitizen.
  • Community Development:
    CDev + Initial + Lastname 

    ex: CDev BSmith.
  • Calamity Relief: CRel + Initial + Lastname
    ex: CRel HPotter