We Run as One 2021

We Run as One 2021

Last year, we held “We Run as One”, a concerted effort by the whole CFC community in Australia to raise funds for the poor.

This year, we shall run as one, once more! Why? Because more than ever, your generosity is badly needed during these unprecedented times. The Covid pandemic continues to heavily impact the poorest and the most vulnerable people. They need our help.

We Run as One 2021 mirrors the virtual ANCOP Global Walk (AGW) that is also simultaneously happening in various cities and provinces in the Philippines and all over the world. Proceeds from this campaign will go not just towards ANCOP scholars but towards ANCOP’s calamity-response programs, particularly to those affected by the pandemic.

We acknowledge that all over Australia there are restrictions of some form, depending on the state or territory. Despite these limitations, we are still blessed to live in this age of technology where we can do the Fun Run activities “virtually” and creatively.

We Run as One 2021 starts on 5 October and culminates on 20 November.

We thank you for your continuous support for the ANCOP mission.

ANCOP National Director declares the 2021 ANCOP Virtual Fun Run open

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