We Run as One 2021

In 2020, we held the inaugural  “We Run as One” event, a national virtual fun run aimed at raising funds for the poor.

Last year, we ran as one, once more! Why? Because more than ever, your generosity was badly needed during these unprecedented times. The Covid pandemic continued to heavily impact the poorest and the most vulnerable people. They needed our help.

We Run as One 2021 mirrored the virtual ANCOP Global Walk (AGW) that was also simultaneously happening in various cities and provinces in the Philippines and all over the world. Proceeds from this campaign went not just towards ANCOP scholars but towards ANCOP’s calamity-response programs, particularly to those affected by the pandemic.

Despite the limitations posed by the Covid lockdowns and other restrictions, the virtual event raised more than $160,000 in donations.

The CFC chapters who came top of the fundraising leader board were South Queensland (1st), ACT (2nd), and Sydney Southwest (3rd).

The teams which raised the biggest donations were:

  1. North 2 Dela Roca Unit of South Queensland;
  2. Team RGMM Perez of Sydney Southwest; and
  3. Team Vargas of NSW Hawkesbury.

The individual fundraisers, team leaders, or team members who topped the leader board of donations received via the Gofundraise platform and directly deposited amounts were:

  • Catherine Estigoy (NSW SFC)
  • Gemma Perez (NSW SSW)
  • Rolly/Gina Ingua (South QLD)
  • Lara Nelia (NSW Hawkesbury) 
  • Art Fausto (NSW Sydney Southwest) 
  • Gladys Bernabe (ACT) 
  • Kit Palos (WA South) 

The Virtual Fun Run was not a fun run without the actual waking, running, riding and other fitness activities that occurred!

The Top Distance (kilometers) awardees were:

  • Charlene Malaluan (NSW SFC) and Dominic Buensalido (Victoria North) for the Individual category
  • Ronnie and Weng Bautista (ACT) for the couple category
  • SFC FRIENDS (Victoria SFC) for the team category;
  • Team ACT for the chapter category

We thank all the fundraisers for their amazing effort, and all donors and supporters for your donations and continuous support of the ANCOP mission.