ANCOP Ambassador 2022-2023

The ANCOP Ambassador Campaign 2022-23 ended with a fantastic finish raising more than $350,000 for ANCOP’s programs and beneficiaries in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.


Congratulations to the winners and awardees of the campaign. 

  • National ANCOP Ambassador 2022-23: Ashley Beley – Ambassador for Melbourne Southeast Chapter 
  • 2nd Runner-up: Philip and Ligaya Castillo – Ambassadors for Sydney Southeast Chapter 
  • 3rd Runner-up: Leilani Sugay – Ambassador for ACT Canberra Chapter 


Special Awards: 

Joy Skerritt - Ambassador for NSW HOLD 

The Ambassador who received the highest points from donations generated from outside of the CFC community. 

Philip and Ligaya Castillo - Ambassadors for Sydney Southeast Chapter 

The Ambassador who received the highest points from their CFC area.  

Raymond and Catherine Estigoy Household – Ambassadors for Sydney Southeast Chapter  

The CFC household with the highest points from pledges received from household members and their network.  


We thank and honour everyone for their support and generosity as we continue ANCOP’s mission of ‘Building the Church of the Poor’. 


The AA Program is a biennial event that started in 2012 and is one of the fundraising activities unique to CFC ANCOP Australia. 

The program, sometimes referred to as the AA Event or the AA campaign,  takes place over a period of several months, beginning in March. During this time, representatives from each state/territory or CFC chapters take on the role of ANCOP ambassadors.  

The 2022-23 ANCOP ambassadors as follows: 

  • Ligaya Castillo (Sydney South East)
  • Noel and Cathy Talam (Blacktown) 
  • Rachel Densing (Hawkesbury) 
  • Curtis Alejo (Sydney Southwest) 
  • Miguel Joaquin Valiente (Melbourne North) 
  • Ashley Beley  (Melbourne Southeast) 
  • Joy Skerritt (NSW HOLD) 
  • Leilani Sugay (Canberra) 
  • Lorenzo and Annly Pacis (South Queensland) 
  • Josephine Huervana (Far North Queensland) 
  • Rommel and Dae Tabinas (South Australia) 
  • Zenaida Smith (Northern Territory) 
  • Albert and Remy Quintana (WA South) 
  • Remy Jumarang (WA North) 
  • Teody Lagura (WA East and Regional) 


As ambassadors for ANCOP, they spread awareness of the work of ANCOP and foster among CFC members and the wider community ANCOP’s vision which is “Families in the Holy Spirit sharing God’s transforming love with the poor”. 

The ambassadors will rally their local CFC community and supporters outside of CFC to raise funds for the three main programs of ANCOP, namely the Education Sponsorship, Community Development, and Calamity and Disaster Response programs.  

In 2020-21, CFC ANCOP Australia provided education sponsorships to more than 500 poor kids and young adults in the Philippines, and provided funding to various education infrastructure and support programs in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, which are benefitting thousands of poor families.  

The funds for the 2020-21 projects came from the donations of our supporters who, despite the global pandemic, generously supported the Ambassador Program. Despite all the challenges, the previous batch of ambassadors helped raised more than $500,000 in donations and fundraising proceeds. 

“We hope to continue providing sponsorships to our current students and to assist many more. Our programs in the Oceania Region are also growing, so further support is needed to sustain them. We are so happy, blessed, and humbled by the outpouring of support from all the volunteers, donors, and partners, and we pray to see the same level—if not more—of outpouring in this and future campaigns”, said Goody Maquinad, CFC ANCOP Australia president.