Commonwealth Bank Rallies for Yolanda Victims



God has blessed our efforts today towards the Yolanda Appeal.

With the foundational support of Pinoy employees working at the CBA Parramatta Offices, we raised $1,957.60 today.

From this experience, I personally gained an insight into the spirit and methodology of ANCOP.   I’ve had my ‘lo-bat moments’ but I was always encouraged.  It’s really different when CFC is caretaking. Today was definitely a team effort of CFC and non-CFC Filipinos. Even management was surprised with the turnout. People lined up in  40 degree heat to participate.

The problem of being confronted with a hungry crowd (who were not strangers – as they were our workmates and bosses) was really testing. We even ran out of supplies twice and needed to do two trips to Woolworths in the space of 1 hour!!!  Last night, [when] I did my 3rd subject MBA exam - It surprisingly went really well. I felt guided….So even when the setbacks were mounting,   I [did not feel the need to cross]  the line from peace to panic.

God really [have] a heart for the poor, and he blesses all who share in His same heart. I felt so blessed to have my CFC brothers and sisters surround me at work. I received encouragement at just the right times.  I pray that this little we have raised multiply at the faithful and capable hands of CFC and ANCOP in the Philippines.

by O. Molina

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