Every parent dreams of a better life for their children
and provide them the opportunity to develop into responsible adults who understands the world they live in,
able to socially interact without insecurities,
grow in virtues and discover their passion and talents by which to become productive members of the society.

The realities of poverty not only could kill this dream but worse, when hopelessness drags parents to false sense of coping mechanisms, the whole family and the community suffers.

ANCOP offers hope by showing that caring and sharing still happens.  It is clear however that we do not take over the parents’ primary responsibility of looking after the family but rather partnering with families as a source of support and encouragement.

Our Education Sponsorship program comes in the form of paying for tuition and school fees (Primary, Secondary, Vocational, and University), uniform, books, and transportation allowance. This is coupled with values formation for the beneficiaries and their families where they learn to appreciate the importance and impact of their scholarship in the various areas of their lives, deepen their relationship with God and become blessing for others.

Our Education Sponsorship program is also intended for the poorest of the poor.  In the Philippines for example, the child must belong to a family with a combined income of at most $480/month (based on PhP37.50/Au$1).  Each family of at least 2 siblings can only be entitled to one sponsored child and the scholarship could stop once the family circumstance change which enables parents to support the child’s schooling.  In terms of academic standing, the beneficiary must maintain an average mark of 78% across all subjects for Primary and Secondary, and 2.75 for Tertiary.

In Papua New Guinea, on top of beneficiaries who are enrolled in formal schools, ANCOP also supports the operation of a preparatory to school for over about a hundred children and youth aged 5-18 who had never been to a formal school at all.


In the Philippines, we also sponsor Cornerstone classes, a program developed in partnership with a leading Jesuit university in the Philippines.   It reaches out to the most academically struggling 20% of primary school children in public schools by conducting reading tutorial classes.  On the other hand, it aims to enhance the potential of the upper achievers in secondary public schools via leadership and Values Formation.  Family support is also provided through the Parenting Formation.

Jelly Rica Garcia: ANCOP Australia Scholar studying to become a Teacher. Together we can help her achieve her dreams and build a better life for herself and her family.

ANCOP Australia Education Sponsorship Program history from 2012 to 2017.

Ken Mark Agustin: ANCOP Australia Scholar from Year 5. Graduated Magna Cum Laude in Accounting 2012. Now works for a prominent Accounting Firm.

Open the door to a brighter future...

$360 would give a primary age CHILD the chance to attend school for a year.

$750 will send an older individual to a Vocational College or University.

$3500 would provide relocation home to a family displaced by typhoon in the Philippines.

More info on ANCOP Scholars coming soon...