SFC Great Adventure Tour 2013

In relation to this, from 7 to 14 of February 2013CFC Singles for Christ Australia, in cooperation with CFC Singles for Christ New ZealandSFC Global and CFC ANCOP will be embarking on an SFCGreat Adventure Tour
This event will involve a mission trip to a the Philippines where participants will engage in immersion activities in areas designated as needing SFC missionaries.
The SFC GAT will be aptly capped with participating as delegates to the 2013 CFC Singles for Christ ICON (International Conference) from 15-17 February 2013.
The event will also be launched during the 2012 GREAT GOD SFC Conference in Canberra.
SFC Coordinators, as well as CFC members are also welcome to participate.


by R. Argana


Last year, the CFC Singles for Christ made declarations that every single member will stand for, among other great things, the poor.  In placing more effort to allow out less privileged brothers and sisters to experience Christ, CFC Singles for Christ Australia has taken a more active involvement in the CFC's work with the poor program - ANCOP.
Since the beginning of this year, SFC has been successfully campaigning to raise both awareness and money to rally support for the Work.  These efforts continue and we hope that all members of CFC Singles for Christ all over Australia will also have the opportunity to be part of this blessings-filled endeavor.