2018Ancop Valentines

ANCOP Valentine 2018

My husband and I have not attended a dance party for quite some time now.  That’s why, when we were invited to the ANCOP Valentines Dance Party at St Marys College, Stanhope Gardens last 17th of February, we took the opportunity to go on a Valentines date for a cause. 

The simple Parish hall was easily converted into an elegant ballroom with the camaraderie of fine men and women donned in their 60’s, 70s, 80’s outfit in the spirit of fun. I was seated with my dear friends who were all members of Couples for Christ, the organisers of this charity event.

The evening kicked off with an evening of medley dances like rock and roll, salsa and diverse ballroom dances.   It didn’t take long before I gave in to the prodding of my long-suppressed dancing shoes.  Then, dinner was served.  The food was good, prepared with love by Couples for Christ volunteers. After the dinner, there was a presentation about ANCOP, its mission and vision and its works in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.  I learned that through this Valentines dance fund raising, we are able to participate in the Education Sponsorship Program of ANCOP and help families find hope through education.

Through a simple Valentines party, we were able to achieve a noble cause.  And it was very touching to see the unity Couples for Christ in putting together an event to uplift the lives of our poor brethren, opening opportunities for them to help themselves.  Through this event, I was also reminded of our unity with the Catholic Church in addressing the social issues of our times especially those affecting the poor.

-R & J Esteban

ANCOP Car raffle celebrates win for families


It was a perfect day to celebrate!

3 pm, 11 November 2017
@ Auburn Picnic Garden.

As customary, the car raffle draw was held to top off Couples for Christ Global Mission’s (CFC) Family Day.


ANCOP Team with
Chatswood Toyota and Staywell Group
@ 2017 Family Day Car Raffle Draw
Kids wrestled their energies in the jumping castle while parents were decorating the pavilion with buntings and photo booth corners.  The ‘Kuyas’ and ‘Ates’ (older male and female siblings) were organising games, women were busy setting up the food while a couple of men were tirelessly chopping lechon (roast pig). There were presentations for cheers and chant and dances and of course community prayer and worship.

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It was a day of gathering the family and being with other families.  But, miles and miles beyond, we were celebrating together with hundreds of endangered families in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands who are beneficiaries or past beneficiaries of CFC-ANCOP’s mission with the poor.  After all, when we send a poor child to school, we help ease the burden that financial strain often brings to couples who are the pillars of the family.  When we provide employment-generating skills to fathers and mothers, it is a hope that sparks joy and peace of mind in the home.  When we provide housing for victims of calamities, it is an encouragement for the family to come together and gather strength despite the challenges amidst them.  At the heart of CFC-ANCOP’s mission with the poor is strengthening families which is at the core of every properly functioning society.  Beyond, calling it a donation, every giving to CFC-ANCOP is actually one’s participation in this partnership with every family in this network, both givers and receivers.

Let us then take this opportunity to thank all of you who took time to get to know, supported and promoted ANCOP’s work through this car raffle (and other events we had this year).  Thank you for our corporate partners past and present.

Through your generosity and tireless efforts and prayers from the entire CFC-ANCOP team, the car raffle allowed us to generate over $80,000.  This means, ANCOP can sustain the cost of education and livelihood training of over 600 students-beneficiaries for next year.  This is a miracle considering 3 weeks before the draw, the amount of tickets sold was only a slim margin above $8000!  Mores so, at the planning stage, we targeted gross ticket sales at $90,000 albeit knowing this was a really big and hard target to achieve. It was announced during the draw that we were shy from the target but a huge achievement nevertheless.   But, God is a God of surprises.  The winner of the car told us that they actually wanted and even prayed that if they win, they will donate the car back to ANCOP.  Our joy overflows in behalf of all the children and families who will benefit from this event.  God really answers the cry of the poor!


by C. Argana

Commonwealth Bank Rallies for Yolanda Victims



God has blessed our efforts today towards the Yolanda Appeal.

With the foundational support of Pinoy employees working at the CBA Parramatta Offices, we raised $1,957.60 today.

From this experience, I personally gained an insight into the spirit and methodology of ANCOP.   I’ve had my ‘lo-bat moments’ but I was always encouraged.  It’s really different when CFC is caretaking. Today was definitely a team effort of CFC and non-CFC Filipinos. Even management was surprised with the turnout. People lined up in  40 degree heat to participate.

The problem of being confronted with a hungry crowd (who were not strangers – as they were our workmates and bosses) was really testing. We even ran out of supplies twice and needed to do two trips to Woolworths in the space of 1 hour!!!  Last night, [when] I did my 3rd subject MBA exam - It surprisingly went really well. I felt guided….So even when the setbacks were mounting,   I [did not feel the need to cross]  the line from peace to panic.

God really [have] a heart for the poor, and he blesses all who share in His same heart. I felt so blessed to have my CFC brothers and sisters surround me at work. I received encouragement at just the right times.  I pray that this little we have raised multiply at the faithful and capable hands of CFC and ANCOP in the Philippines.

by O. Molina

So you think you can Dance-for a Scholar

you can dance flyer

In solidarity with our brethren affected by typhoon Yolanda!

We will have a low-key ( instead of high tea) year-end fellowship on 23 Nov after the dance workouts by our sisters.

The committee would like to ask each chapter to instead of spending too much to bake your favourite treats and bring to the "high tea" fellowship, let's just please bring pandesal and drinks - enough for each chapter. The committee will provide "filling (palaman)for the pandesal.

Again, $8 per family to go to ANCOP!  Let's pray and excite our members and encourage them to please attend this year end event.

by M. Capistrano

Update – Typhoon Yolanda Appeal


In my prayer time this morning, I was reminded of this gospel reading and immediately had visions of the suffering people back in the Philippines. I praise & thank God that a lot of us had answered the call .

Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ Matt 25:37-40

Our everyday hero campaign has exceeded our target of $10,000 . I am seeing a lot of non-CFC people donating, so those who have campaigned in their work place, among friends and families are being rewarded with their efforts. But brothers and sisters we need to appeal to more people. Let’s not limit what we can achieve by not giving it our best effort. Continue to spread the message around.

For those who have not responded yet, here’s again the link you can put your donation on and also at the same time forward to your workmates,friends and families.


Our CFC Executive Director George Campos had sent this update. You may pass this on to those who are or would be asking where and how their donation is being handled.

Update as of Nov 13, 2013 - CFC and ANCOP Mobilization

Note: all relief goods are for all the victims (Couples for Christ and non Couples for Christ members)

  1. Established base in Ormoc City - bringing relief goods, financial support as well as people to volunteer for the clearing operations. However, they are stuck in Ormoc since they were cautioned in going to Tacloban as lawless elements are said to be holding up relief goods along the road.
  2. Base in Samar, while a support group led by Ricky Rico (CFC area head of Samar) will be on their way this weekend to Tacloban via Samar.
  3. The Port of Tacloban is unusable. Only bancas can use it. The big boats wait far from the shore and the bancas are used to transport the goods to shore.
  4. Medical Mission tentative for Nov 23-24, 2014 – Dr. Joe Yamamoto is currently working on the ground to assess the health needs.
  5. Preparation to deliver generators and chain saw to equip those who lost their homes with the tools needed for them to build their own homes. There are a lot of timber available from the downed coconut trees. They could cut the trees into useable length to be used as boards and posts. ANCOP has available design for coco lumber homes.

Detailed report from Bro. George Campos in Manila:

As of Nov. 13, global CFC ANCOP has released $10,952 (P460,000) worth of goods and cash for the relief operations in the Visayas.

Details are as follows (all in pesos)

For food, water and personal effects

  1. Capiz - 10K
  2. Aklan - 25K
  3. Iloilo - 10k
  4. Masbate - 15K
  5. Cebu - 50k
  6. Leyte - 250k

For carpentry tools: Build for Christ initiative

  1. Western Visayas (4 provinces @25k each) - 100K

Total Released as of 11/13/13 - 460k

 Additional funds to be released on 11/14/13

  1. Samar - 50k
  2. Leyte - 100k


4 of the jerry cans are now in Ormoc, Leyte. Additional jerry cans and Abalze t-shirts will be flown in thru the PAF C130 flight on friday.

 Our response to the relief at Leyte depends on the capability of the CFC Cebu team to source materials and the capability of the CFC Ormoc team to handle and distribute the goods. We do not want to store much goods in Ormoc due to security and safety considerations.

Information is still slowly trickling in from other provinces.

 We are now opening a new hub for the relief operation. Naga, CamSur and Legaspi City, Albay will now be servicing Northern Samar and Eastern Samar.

 The CFC GMC is accepting relief goods and will be shipping to the Visayas by next week.

Updates as of Nov 12, 2013 our Typhoon Yolanda

  1. Report from Manila -

Widespread and serious devastation in Visayas provinces. Leyte, Eastern Samar, Bantayan, Cebu, Roxas-Capiz, Iloilo, including Busuanga, Palawan. Access is extremely difficult. We have mobilized Cebu for the relief for Leyte and Bantayan. Eastern Samar and Busuanga have no communication yet as of now. We are deploying the jerry cans and relief funds via Cebu and directly to Roxas.

  1. As per my conversation with the Philippine Embassy this afternoon relief items are pouring in the Philippines and with the funds we release $3000 and possible another $4K by next week for Medical mission. With this said we will address immediate needs, then, medical mission, then rehabilitation for long term effect. Already we building 10 homes in Southern Leyte and Bro Ricky will be looking for a site in or near Tacloban City to build homes for our kababayan.

 Please continue to include the Philippines in your prayers. God is in control and we trust Him. 

by G. Rael