2016-17AA Portia Mariano

AA for Handmaids of the Lord

Portia Mariano

Peace be with you my dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

I am Maria Portia Mariano, a HOLD member from Sydney, and currently works as a dentist at Bankstown. 

Our involvement with CFC-HOLD opens the opportunity to serve others through ANCOP. The tasks assigned to an ambassador of ANCOP are quite  overwhelming but with God's grace and everyone's participation, the work becomes enriching and the goal, achievable. 

In 1987, I started joining the free dental clinics in the Philippines conducted by the dental associations. We went to the provinces, remote and poor areas. Last year, I had the same opportunity  again after a long time to serve in Naga  with the Maronites of Sydney and the Missionaries of the Poor. We went to the home for the aged, mental hospital, home for the disabled and to the slum area where the poor people live beside the massive garbage dump site where they get their source of income and livelihood.  Although the atmosphere lacks glitter and comfort, the people are happy and grateful to the missionaries for what they have shared with them.

One of the priests said,

"if one goes there thinking that he has something to give to the poor then he should think again, because what he gives are just material things, in return he receives more from the poor, the grace from heaven."

Let's join hands and support our mission. Every single consideration of the poor is a big help for them and for their future. 

Portia Mariano – Ambassador for Handmaids of the Lord

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2016-17AA Francis Bautista

AA for Blacktown, Sydney

Francis Baustista

I believe I’ve been called to share my blessings with those around us, particularly those in poverty stricken areas in developing countries.

This year I am honoured to be an ambassador to help raise funds and awareness for CFC ANCOP (Answering the Cry of the Poor) Australia and its cause. All proceeds will go towards sponsoring the education of underprivileged children in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

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2016-17AA Jheron Reyes

AA for Youth for Christ

Jheron Reyes

Hello Guys My Name is Jheron, and I currently serve as YFC NSW ANCOP (ANswering the Cry Of the Poor) Ambassador for 2016.

So why did I become an ANCOP Ambassador? well I recently experienced one of the most life changing experiences for me- and that was to go to a Great Adventure Tour to Philippines. One of the Activities was a 4 days and 3 nights stay at an ANCOP Village in Bohol.  Living in that village showed me the most true and simplest joys that God can offer in life. 

I was truly blessed to have met such wonderful, welcoming people, and to also be hosted by the most humble and caring family.  It truly inspired me to become an ANCOP Ambassador, because I wanted to give them more joys in life.

On October 15 2013 Bohol was hit by an Earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2. Even to this day, there are still buildings going under repairs. Hearing from the families that survived in the Village, their stories and experiences; truly inspired me to help the people of Bohol (and for any country that experienced natural disasters like earthquakes). I want to give them a sense of Joy and Happiness- by raising money/fund raising-so that they may at least be able to live; have a shelter; to be nice and warm and comfortable and to be able to eat 3 times a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).  BUT more importantly, to provide the people- good education for the future generations.

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2016-17AA Glo Vergara

AA for Darwin

Gloria Vergara

I can do things you cannot,  YOU can do things I cannot, TOGETHER, We can do great things..

My name is Glo Vergara, married to Rom Vergara for 15 years and together we are Ancop Coordinator and ambassador in NT. We attended CLP in 2012  in Katherine and our faith became stronger and inspired by everyone in the CFC community from Darwin. In 2013, Katherine YFC camp started and we accepted the challenges of being a youth coordinator. In November 2015 we moved to Darwin because of our work commitments. We now belong to the household of AGT in CFC Darwin             

Back in the Philippines, I belong to a big family with 5 siblings. We were poor in a big family with little resources. We experienced how hard life was but felt very fortunate and blessed at the same time, having a hardworking parent whose only thoughts were the good future of their children. I became a dentist in the Philippines.

My husband had the same experience having a bigger family with 9 siblings but also completed university and became an architect.

We knew and acknowledged all our blessings from above and we became open to any services we can provide. I left my private practice and worked as a school dentist in remote schools in Quezon province. I also joined in providing free dental services when there was medical mission. Rom on that time was also very active in our parish church.

We migrated to Australia in 2005 and restarted a new life with different jobs. After settling in we became fortunate and blessed again to study in line with our previous profession. Currently I am working as a dental hygienist at NDC Darwin and Rom a project manager in the building section in NT Government. We have two children, 14 y/o son and 10 y/o daughter.

We gave him our full trust and He never failed us. Therefore, whenever we are called, we just let Him lead us. We wanted to give back however small it is. As Mother Theresa of Calcutta said;

               I can do things you cannot

                              YOU can do things I cannot

                                             TOGETHER, We can do great things..

We accepted this ambassadorship task again to contribute small things and we are hoping we can do great things together for our disadvantaged families.

We believe and wanted to support one of the mission of CFC ANCOP Australia, “to provide education to the unfortunate or disadvantaged children”. We hope for them to feel how great our God is all the time, for them to see hope and trust God to the fullest.

Let us hold our hands together and fulfil this mission, make a difference and change the face of the earth.

Thank you and may God bless everyone always.

Rom and Glo Vergara

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2016-17AA Janina Manalo

AA for Brisbane

Janina Manalo

I am fundraising money to support the wonderful work that CFC ANCOP (Answering the Cry of the Poor) Ltd does.

ANCOP helps less fortunate kids have access to education which can open up opportunities for these children and their families.
I grew up in the Philippines and I know that this could mean the world to a lot of people. This is a pathway that could give them a life that they would not have even dared to dream of.
I am currently studying to become a Teacher myself, so this cause is really close to my heart. I have also been part of teaching programs when I was still living in the Philippines and the hope and light in these children's eyes that education has brought for their future is priceless.


'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.' Who knows - together, we might send the next Nelson Mandela to school, or maybe the next Marie Curie!

Helping out is easy! You can sponsor a child in elementary (primary), high school (secondary) or tertiary studies (either vocation, similar to TAFE, or university). You can also give whatever amount you can and it can be pooled together with other donations to sponsor a child. There's no such thing as a big or small donation, we only recognise and see big hearts, here. 🙂

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2016-17AA Patrice Penas

AA for Melbourne 

Patrice Penas

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring glad tidings to the poor.” Luke 4:18

My name is Patrice Penas and I am representing the CFC North and Southeast Units of Melbourne.

At the start of 2016 I was very blessed to have been able to take part in the experience that is the Youth For Christ Great Adventure Tour in the Philippines. The immersion part of the Great Adventure Tour involved living in the ANCOP village of Calape, Bohol, visiting primary and high schools that were part of the ANCOP Cornerstone program. The ANCOP immersion allowed me to witness His kindness and mercy through the striking generosity of the villagers. Stripped of life's comforts, it was also a blessing to witness His joy through the open happiness of the children and the students. Coming back from such a humbling experience, I am all the more inspired and excited to be able to be an instrument of the same loving joy, kindness and mercy through this ambassadorship. To carry out our mission to ANswer the Cry Of the Poor. To give back to the God that keeps on giving, to the God that gave us His everything.

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2016-17AA Anthony Marasigan

AA for Melbourne 

Anthony Marasigan

Mat 25:40 “ Amen I say to you, whatever you did for these least brothers of mine, you did for me”

Hi everyone, my name is Anthony Marasigan.

I'd just like to share why I said "yes" to being an ANCOP Ambassador. I recently went on a trip to Philippines and witnessed firsthand children suffering from extreme poverty and being forced to make a living in the streets everyday instead of having an education at school. I believe we are all here to be a catalyst for positive change and if we share our talents and resources we can make great changes to the lives of families in need. I firmly believe that we can make a difference, and with my acceptance of being an ANCOP Ambassador, I will do my utmost.

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2016-17AA Kceb Limsiaco

AA for Canberra

Kceb Limsiaco-AA Canberra

"I give, because I know how it feels to have nothing. I give, not because I now have too much, but because I was once in need and someone helped me."

My name is Kceb Limsiaco from HOLD. I am a HH leader.  I am a single mum of a 15-year old daughter and I work as an IT Business Analyst for a Federal department  in Canberra.

Coming from a poor family myself where making ends meet is difficult I experienced first-hand the hardship of life during my younger years - to rely on assistance from relatives and friends for shelter, clothing and food and where education is a privilege if at all possible. I know the feeling of wanting to study but with no, if not limited, resources. The difficulty, tiring and sleepless nights I experienced in joggling work and study just so I can finish a degree. The memories of it all are still vivid in my mind as well as the people who helped me during those trying times. I believe I was able to make it through not solely because I worked hard for it but mainly because of God's providence and with the assistance of His people who helped me make it through.

And so I am now paying it forward by helping Couples for Christ (CFC) ANsweing the Cry Of the Poor (ANCOP) program of bringing poor kids to school.

Friends, please help me with this drive and together let's transform and give opportunity to the poor to transform their lives. Your donation, no matter how little you think it is can make a life-changing difference to someone's lives. Thank you.

"I give because I know how it feels to have nothing. I give not because I now have too much but because I was once in need and someone help me."

- Kceb Limsiaco, CFC ANCOP Ambassador for Canberra

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