ANCOP Valentine 2018

My husband and I have not attended a dance party for quite some time now.  That’s why, when we were invited to the ANCOP Valentines Dance Party at St Marys College, Stanhope Gardens last 17th of February, we took the opportunity to go on a Valentines date for a cause. 

The simple Parish hall was easily converted into an elegant ballroom with the camaraderie of fine men and women donned in their 60’s, 70s, 80’s outfit in the spirit of fun. I was seated with my dear friends who were all members of Couples for Christ, the organisers of this charity event.

The evening kicked off with an evening of medley dances like rock and roll, salsa and diverse ballroom dances.   It didn’t take long before I gave in to the prodding of my long-suppressed dancing shoes.  Then, dinner was served.  The food was good, prepared with love by Couples for Christ volunteers. After the dinner, there was a presentation about ANCOP, its mission and vision and its works in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.  I learned that through this Valentines dance fund raising, we are able to participate in the Education Sponsorship Program of ANCOP and help families find hope through education.

Through a simple Valentines party, we were able to achieve a noble cause.  And it was very touching to see the unity Couples for Christ in putting together an event to uplift the lives of our poor brethren, opening opportunities for them to help themselves.  Through this event, I was also reminded of our unity with the Catholic Church in addressing the social issues of our times especially those affecting the poor.

-R & J Esteban

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