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Dr. Gemma Perez

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the
ANCOP Ambassador program 2018!

The Ambassador program is a biennial event in which together as a community, we revisit, relearn and spread our mission with the poor through an intensified 3-4 months-long campaign.  This is the fourth time running since we had our first ANCOP Ambassador in 2012.  Each time, we are blessed with inspiring individuals from each State who took on the challenge of being at the helm of the campaign by presenting the work of ANCOP to all households (referred to cell group of Couples of Christ consisting of 5-7 couples or individual members if one of its Ministries like Singles for Christ, Handmaids of the Lord, and Servants of the Lord) and coordinating local fundraising events.

In 2016, through the ANCOP Ambassador program, 40.2% of CFC households across Australia had pledged for at least one education sponsorship. This generous support served as the solid foundation to enable us to raise over $198,939. This year, with the grace of God and as we rekindle and fulfil our ministry, we hope to see 100% of all households committing to the education of at least one child as well as developing new external support from individuals and organisations.

We enjoin everyone to please open your homes for your Ambassadors and open your hearts to our brothers and sisters in need.  The campaign will culminate on 26 May 2018 when all ANCOP Ambassadors all over Australia gather together in Sydney to celebrate the fruits of their hard work and honour everyone who supported ANCOP through this program.

Helen Villalba-Festejo

Handmaids of the Lord

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More updates and exciting events coming soon!

ANCOP Ambassadors for Sydney 2018-19