Vision Statement
Mission Statement

Expanded Mission Statement

We foster an environment of caring and sharing in the societies where we are present. We engage a widening network of partners to achieve Social Justice and Total Christian Liberation. We help ensure the dignity of the poor.


CFC ANCOP Australia History

Who we Are

ANCOP was registered with Australian Securities and investment Commission in 2002 as a non-profit charity organisation.  It's name was derived from the acronym of Answering the Cry of the Poor.  The early works of ANCOP was building houses for poor families in the Philippines under the brand name Gawad Kalinga (To Give Care). ANCOP is also registered with the Australian Tax Office as an offshore charity organisation with a Deductible Gift Recipient status by virtue of the company's accreditation by AusAID.   This means donations made through ANCOP are tax-deductible however beneficiaries of these donations must be for development initiatives overseas. In the first five years, ANCOP was able to build 31 villages in the Philippines and 1 in Papua New Guinea

ANCOP is the social ministry of Couples for Christ, a global organization of the laity recognised by the Vatican for its charism of strengthening the family.  ANCOP's vision mirror's CFC's vision of Families in the Holy Spirit renewing the face of the earth.  Distinct ANCOP (legal) entities also exist in countries where CFC is established like USA, Canada, the Middle East, UK, etc

ANCOP Evolution

Over the years ANCOP grew with a better understanding of its calling as expressed in its Vision and Mission (see Vision and Mission). With this, the work of ANCOP also inevitably had to be separated from the branding of Gawad Kalinga as the latter became more and more a drive for  nation-building in the Philippines forging partnerships with businesses and organisations of diverse values and beliefs.   For ANCOP however, it became clearer that we are called to devotion to God before devotion to country,  holiness before heroism, and to build God's Kingdom hand and hand with nation-building.  Our mission lies in our deep faith in and in connection to Christ's mission to love our neighbour regardless of race, creed, belief and affiliation and by easing the bonds of their poverty, allow them to recognise and fulfil their true dignity and worth in the society.

The Works of ANCOP

  • Education Sponsorship Program
  • Vocational and Technical School Scholarships
  • Preparatory to School Program
  • Calamity Response
  • Shelter/Community Development
  • Immersion Program

Our Beneficiaries (2017)

Philippines Papua New Guinea & Solomon Islands
361 Primary, Secondary and Tertiary 12 University
5 Cornerstone classes 30 Diploma, Higher School and Vocational
94 Primary and Secondary
102 Preparatory to School Program (PNG)

What Makes ANCOP Unique?

  • The first and most important partnership is entered with the family
  • Authentic pro-poor criteria
  • Ran by network of volunteers (Donations are matched by the unstinting effort of ANCOP volunteers)
  • Committed to bring to fruition what every donor starts
  • Donors and beneficiaries enrich one another
CFC Ancop Australia 2015 logo tiny

CFC ANCOP Australia Logo

Our Logo is the local adaptation of the Global ANCOP Logo. We have added elements to identify our base country and mission area.

  • The name "Australia" and the Southern Cross Constellation in gold to identify with Aussie colours: Green and Gold.
  • The Map of Oceania inside the "O" in ANCOP, displays the scope of  ANCOP Australia's designated mission Area
(* CFC ANCOP's been established in over 15 countries. Each Country base is the caretaker/fundraiser for their own mission area)

CFC ANCOP Global Logo

The logo illustrates that ANCOP is very much aligned with the work of CFC. The program under ANCOP are to be implemented based on the core values of CFC - Pro God, Pro Family, Pro Life and Pro Poor, with the key principle that Christ is the center of the work and must be proclaimed in word and in deed.

ANCOP logo The house represent the Community Development Program, whose primary objective is to provide optimal living conditions for the ANCOP Homes Home Partners, where they could raise their children in a safe and clean environment.
ANCOP logo The children stand for the Child Sponsorship Program which sends school-aged children to school, whether in elementary, high school, college or vocational. ANCOP believes that through quality education, these children can learn to hope again, and help them fulfill their dreams of a better life for them and their families.
ANCOP logo Together with the children are the mothers and fathers, as illustrated above. This simple family illustration (depicting our being Pro Family) represents Couples for Christ’s fulfillment of the mission of building the Church of the Home by providing them support in the spiritual (being Pro God through evangelization), health (being Pro Life by providing them medical support and sound health education) and economic (being Pro Poor through capacity building in the area of livelihood) aspects.
ANCOP logo The Circle with the stylized Couples for Christ logo represents the unity that binds all the Family Ministries in this endeavor of uplifting the lives of our poor brethren by opening opportunities for them to help themselves. This also reminds us of our unity with the Catholic Church in addressing the social issues that affect the faithful. The Cross is none other than Christ who is the center of our work with the poor. The Dove. We are moved by the Holy Spirit. We are empowered to act now.
ANCOP logo The color green, which is the dominant color of the logo, represents CFC’s commitment to care for the environment and all God’s creation.
ANCOP logo The Globe represents the global network of ANCOP and CFC.

Meet the Team


ANCOP Volunteers

ANCOP Summit 2017

National Directors, Country Coordinators, Ambassadors, Past and Present Presidents, Ministry Coordinators, Marketing, Finance, Official Photographers, Web Design/Management, Admins, Writers, Event Coordinators... each wearing many hats - out of love for the poor.


ANCOP Volunteers

ANCOP Summit 2017

Bong & Jenny Bernardo (CFC Aus National Director for ANCOP), Goody Maquinad (ANCOP Finance), Jimmy & ... Ilagan (ANCOP International President),

Canberra Fun Run

ANCOP Global Walk 2015

Canberra Fun Run Team 

ANCOP Volunteers from Canberra, Walked/Ran for a Scholar


ANCOP Ambassadors 2016-2017

ANCOP Summit 2017

ANCOP Ambassadors from Sydney and Melbourne

Team Brisbane

ANCOP Global Walk 2017

Brisbane Team 

ANCOP Volunteers from Brisbane- raising awareness and funds at the Bridge to Brisbane Marathon

City2Sea Melbourne

ANCOP Global Walk 2015

City2Sea Team

ANCOP Volunteers from Melbourne, walking the extra miles for a scholar

City 2 Surf Perth

ANCOP Global Walk 2015

City to Surf  Perth 

ANCOP Perth volunteers: building Hope through Education

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