2016-17AA Portia Mariano

AA for Handmaids of the Lord

Portia Mariano

Peace be with you my dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

I am Maria Portia Mariano, a HOLD member from Sydney, and currently works as a dentist at Bankstown. 

Our involvement with CFC-HOLD opens the opportunity to serve others through ANCOP. The tasks assigned to an ambassador of ANCOP are quite  overwhelming but with God's grace and everyone's participation, the work becomes enriching and the goal, achievable. 

In 1987, I started joining the free dental clinics in the Philippines conducted by the dental associations. We went to the provinces, remote and poor areas. Last year, I had the same opportunity  again after a long time to serve in Naga  with the Maronites of Sydney and the Missionaries of the Poor. We went to the home for the aged, mental hospital, home for the disabled and to the slum area where the poor people live beside the massive garbage dump site where they get their source of income and livelihood.  Although the atmosphere lacks glitter and comfort, the people are happy and grateful to the missionaries for what they have shared with them.

One of the priests said,

"if one goes there thinking that he has something to give to the poor then he should think again, because what he gives are just material things, in return he receives more from the poor, the grace from heaven."

Let's join hands and support our mission. Every single consideration of the poor is a big help for them and for their future. 

Portia Mariano – Ambassador for Handmaids of the Lord

Portia's ANCOP Awareness/Fundraising Gallery

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