2016-17AA Kceb Limsiaco

AA for Canberra

Kceb Limsiaco-AA Canberra

"I give, because I know how it feels to have nothing. I give, not because I now have too much, but because I was once in need and someone helped me."

My name is Kceb Limsiaco from HOLD. I am a HH leader.  I am a single mum of a 15-year old daughter and I work as an IT Business Analyst for a Federal department  in Canberra.

Coming from a poor family myself where making ends meet is difficult I experienced first-hand the hardship of life during my younger years - to rely on assistance from relatives and friends for shelter, clothing and food and where education is a privilege if at all possible. I know the feeling of wanting to study but with no, if not limited, resources. The difficulty, tiring and sleepless nights I experienced in joggling work and study just so I can finish a degree. The memories of it all are still vivid in my mind as well as the people who helped me during those trying times. I believe I was able to make it through not solely because I worked hard for it but mainly because of God's providence and with the assistance of His people who helped me make it through.

And so I am now paying it forward by helping Couples for Christ (CFC) ANsweing the Cry Of the Poor (ANCOP) program of bringing poor kids to school.

Friends, please help me with this drive and together let's transform and give opportunity to the poor to transform their lives. Your donation, no matter how little you think it is can make a life-changing difference to someone's lives. Thank you.

"I give because I know how it feels to have nothing. I give not because I now have too much but because I was once in need and someone help me."

- Kceb Limsiaco, CFC ANCOP Ambassador for Canberra

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