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Jheron Reyes

Hello Guys My Name is Jheron, and I currently serve as YFC NSW ANCOP (ANswering the Cry Of the Poor) Ambassador for 2016.

So why did I become an ANCOP Ambassador? well I recently experienced one of the most life changing experiences for me- and that was to go to a Great Adventure Tour to Philippines. One of the Activities was a 4 days and 3 nights stay at an ANCOP Village in Bohol.  Living in that village showed me the most true and simplest joys that God can offer in life. 

I was truly blessed to have met such wonderful, welcoming people, and to also be hosted by the most humble and caring family.  It truly inspired me to become an ANCOP Ambassador, because I wanted to give them more joys in life.

On October 15 2013 Bohol was hit by an Earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2. Even to this day, there are still buildings going under repairs. Hearing from the families that survived in the Village, their stories and experiences; truly inspired me to help the people of Bohol (and for any country that experienced natural disasters like earthquakes). I want to give them a sense of Joy and Happiness- by raising money/fund raising-so that they may at least be able to live; have a shelter; to be nice and warm and comfortable and to be able to eat 3 times a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).  BUT more importantly, to provide the people- good education for the future generations.

Jheron's ANCOP Awareness/Fundraising Gallery

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